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With the print version of the C0nn3ctB4ck Novel dropping this December, there are a few other books in the works, and one of them is a non-fiction book titled 'Don't Take My Implant Offline.' I never thought I'd sit down and work on a non-fiction book because we've got a ton of cyber books out there. The issue is that most cyber authors haven't really seen cyber action. It's usually a journalist who's dug into open-source material or a student trying to turn a school paper into a book.


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Most of us who've developed tools, faced adversaries, conducted missions both in the meatspace and the cyberspace rarely find the time to write such books. So, even though I started as a fiction author with a unique background, I figured it's a good idea to drop a non-fiction book with insights on running ops as an on-net operator for DCO (Defensive Cyber Operations) and OCO (Offensive Cyber Operations). Chuksjonia

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The information landscape has changed dramatically, especially as we move from cyber espionage to cyber conflict. Perhaps, in the future, there might even be a full-blown Cyber War. Working on this book could help some decision-makers who still don't grasp Cyber as a science and use it as a political stepping stone in their careers. It's crucial to comprehend these issues because they impact national security and the well-being of our fellow countrymen.

If I make it to 2024, it promises to be a great year for cyber thrillers and cyber books.

Feel free to dive into the two books released by my label, Chuksjonia Books LLC. They are 'Vanessa Series Book 1' and 'Ark Cyber Series Book 1 Part One.'

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