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Glossary for Prologue and Introduction Chapters:
The book has a lot of cyber and intelligence terms and so each chapter will have its glossary as shown here. 
More Glossary


This is the intelligence branch of Al Shabab. You can tell they are running operations in the desert with some Al-Qaida individuals on the Books Prologue.


YaToosh is the implant Vanessa is using to spy on an individual in a Safehouse. It is modular but lacks the secure webcam delivery. When targeting bad guys, we usually have to run operations in a secure way for covert collection of Intelligence. However, in some operations, a target does not know if he is being observed. YaToosh is Hebrew for Mosquito. Its explained well in the other chapters.


This is a fully fledged backdoor with extended modularity that is used on clandestine collection for Signals Intelligence on an endpoint. It’s explained further on the coming chapters.


This is operational security. It is part of a study known as Information Operations, which is like an upgrade of Information Security to cyber.

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