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The Upcoming Books Chuksjonia

The Confederate was released on October 15th and has sold over 90 copies by mid December 2022.

The book is a Vanessa Series book one.

My Second book is called FOLD THE WAGON, which starts with a Novella known as C0NN3CT B4CK. Its an Anthony Mburu's book series, that we have currently renamed into Ark Cyber Series book 1, in order to carry, the C0nn3ct B4ck novella storyline.

C0nn3ct B4ck gets us to the world of Cyber Armies, Military Operations, Counter Terrorism activities and Espionage.

Writing The EPILOGUE for The Confederate

Chuksjonia When we had the last chapter done and edited, the editors and proofreaders were left wondering whats next for Vanessa and Aisha.

I have been having this worry that, as the first book it might not be a success until we hit 90 on sales. And with the DMs plus chats asking about a small Epilogue so that the readers can get an overview of what would happen to Vanessa Karam Wanjohi aka VKW, after helping Inspector Letui to stop that kidnap of his Asset.

So we all knew that the Assassins, working for ETAG were after her and at some point they would totally catch up with her.

And so, the chapter jumps to that December, on 2021 and it rolls out some scenes we might experience in Book 2 if we decide to write it.

We are working on the last edits so that we can drop the paperbacks which will be accessible from both Amazon and Nairobi shops.