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General guidelines or pieces of advice for writers.


Val on the TV show Valeria, about a writer who can't write.

a) "Sit your ass down and write": This rule emphasizes the importance of discipline and consistency in writing. It encourages writers to overcome procrastination and distractions by simply sitting down and dedicating time to the act of writing.

b) "Write your first book and then print it and throw it away": This rule suggests that writers should view their first book as a learning experience rather than expecting it to be perfect or publishable. It encourages writers to go through the process of completing a book, even if it may not meet their desired standards, as it helps them gain valuable experience and improve their skills.

c) "Write what you know, from experience in another career": This rule advises writers to draw from their personal experiences and knowledge gained from other areas of life, such as previous careers or hobbies, to bring authenticity and depth to their writing. It encourages writers to leverage their unique perspectives and expertise to create compelling and realistic narratives.

d) “Read widely and voraciously": This rule emphasizes the importance of reading extensively across different genres and styles. By exposing yourself to a variety of writing, you can broaden your vocabulary, enhance your storytelling skills, and gain inspiration for your own work.

e) “Write what you love": This rule encourages writers to choose subjects and genres that they are passionate about. When you genuinely enjoy and connect with your subject matter, it can fuel your creativity and make the writing process more enjoyable.

f) “Edit ruthlessly": This rule highlights the significance of revising and editing your work. It suggests that writers should be willing to cut, revise, and polish their writing to improve clarity, coherence, and overall quality. Editing is a crucial step in refining your writing and ensuring it reaches its full potential.

g) ”Show, don't tell": This rule advises writers to use vivid descriptions, sensory details, and engaging dialogue to create a visual and immersive experience for readers. Rather than simply stating facts or emotions, writers are encouraged to evoke feelings and paint a vivid picture through their words.

h) ”Write every day": This rule promotes the habit of regular writing. Consistency is key in honing your skills, maintaining momentum, and developing your unique voice as a writer. By making writing a daily practice, you can enhance your creativity, discipline, and productivity.

N.B: Remember, a creative life is a happy life.