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Third Chapter

Vanessa Run!


When i wrote the first chapter, Alex was supposed to be the lead. The first readers who read the opening actually thought that Alex was almost me. 'Cause am geeky like he is, and so i went ahead and changed a lot of data on him and eventually decided Vans should lead.

The problem is that its actually hard to find girls who code low level languages that are heavily needed for Offensive Cyber Operations. As we move to better implants written for UEFI, veteran CNO Coders are required and so to make Vanessa appeal to this level, i had to include how she feels, the body momentum in the story, her challenges, the fear/courage, knowledge she has attained from Alex and one important theme for her chapters, "Poetic".

She does some Low-level coding, C2 Development for Surveillance and Collection, Linux Exploitation and Close-Net operations to take on an adversary in the field. This is well explained in the book as she run ops.

I hope you enjoy it and in case you want to ask more questions, please check The Contact Button.