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TIGRAY and the back story, in the C0nn3ctB4ck Novella

One of the main characters in the book is Gebre Kebede, a Tigrayan. He is a Kenyan MOD intelligence penetration asset, though as the book opens, he thinks he is working for Ugandan External Intelligence service. As a matter of fact, Gebre was recruited by a Kenyan DMI officer, when he was caught at the border in Moyale, selling stolen mechanize from his employer, Biham and Associates. He was turned and pointed back to the target, his employer.

Gebre goes back to work as usual, for the Defense Intelligence firm, Biham and Associates that has its roots from the Israelis Intelligence Community. The company has a big office and a warehouse in Addis Ababa.


Gebre is tasked by LT Nyalita, to download data from the offices due to that the Kenyan Directorate of Military intelligence suspects that, Biham operators had imported a chemical weapons stock, from Syria that they were supposed to refine and then sell to Eritrean Army, so that the chemicals can be used to attack and massacre Tigrayans as the conflict continues. Unfortunately, one of the canisters is stolen by a Daesh sympathizer, who wants to deploy it at the center of Nairobi CBD.

On the other hand, Biham’s Cyber Security team, had already blocked copying of data from workstations. And so to that effect, Gebre had no other choice but to print data hoping LT Nyalita will exfiltrate him out of Ethiopia when he delivers the data to him. Rendezvous was the main international airport, Addis Ababa.


During the data handover at Bole International Airport, LT Nyalita is gunned down by some mechanics, who then pursue Gebre through Addis Ababa and into Ethiopian countryside. The only way for Gebre to survive the manhunt is to enter Tigray and that’s where he encounters the massacre first hand. In the book he doesn’t see it as a genocide. Gebre understands that, it’s a cleansing of Tigrayans out of the face of the Earth. The cleansing of his people.

See below, the story of a young boy who lost everything during the conflict

There is a lot of spy stuff and Computer Network Operations going on in the book, but I think its important everyone sees what was really going on inside Tigray. It broke my heart as I spoke with several Tigrayans, in order to understand the conflict, and I felt that the world should know that we do have animals in this planet but in human form.

And we need to be better for our brothers and sisters.

For our people and for Africa.

Tigrayans require justice.



C0nn3ctB4ck will be released this year as a Novella by CJB LLC.