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The OJT Paperbacks are out at last.


Paperbacks came out

Several charges were done especially on each chapter where we have a page for notes and questions, just like you would expect on a Range emulation assessment when conducting Cyber Range questions.

Let’s look into some of the Assessment questions.


Operation Angel Wings burned and Richard exposed

With Operation Angel Wings burned and Richard exposed, it became clear that the op had come to an end, and the adversary had prevailed. What actions do you anticipate Richard taking next, particularly considering the adversary's acquisition of the stay-behind laptop? Additionally, why was Richard relieved that they didn't use a Faraday bag?



For many CNOers, a SOC is often viewed as just a station for analysis squads, activated only during intrusions or signs of one. In contrast, CDOC personnel engage in hunts, reversing/disassembly of samples, attack-backs ops, retaliatory actions, adversary pursuit, Counter Cyber Ops, CO Planning, and more, covering the entire CNO spectrum. Richard apprehends that Biham and Associates, being a Defense Contracting Firm, likely boasts a fully-stacked CDOC. Why do you think he was apprehensive about the potential presence of a CDOC in the target information environment?


Foreign Internal Defense Training (FIDT) for both Meatspace and Cyberspace

In certain instances, highly capable nations conduct Foreign Internal Defense Training (FIDT) for both Meatspace and Cyberspace. However, these training sessions are typically shrouded in secrecy due to concerns about the potential leakage of Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs). Trainers are often instructed to limit the dissemination of knowledge that could significantly advance the capabilities of the host country. Specifically in Information Operations, cyber ops, and cybersecurity, the offensive tactics commonly taught involve tools such as Kali, Metasploit, nmap, etc., placing an upcoming operator on the level of a beginner or Pentester. As a commander or team leader, what strategic advice would you propose to upper leadership to ensure the success of these training programs? Do you believe that real-world training, particularly for CNO Operators, plays a crucial role in advancing the capabilities of your team?

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“Following the directive for on-the-job training (OJT), Richard and Anthony find themselves in Ethiopia, carrying out Operation Angel Wings. Meanwhile, the disappearance of Gebre, codename Chematstone, raises concerns for Brigadier Thuo, who urgently needs him located.

With the presence of a potential traitor within their circle of trust, will Richard and Anthony successfully accomplish their mission's end-state?”