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The second Novel is known as FOLD THE WAGON, with my first ever Novella coming out soon, C0nn3ctB4ck

C0nn3ctB4ck will be a Military oriented novella. It will have some scenes in Ethiopia and Kenya.

C0nn3ctB4ck will take you from Nairobi to AddisAbaba. Then to Kemise which is on the western side of Ethiopia then after that Tigray. Finally, we go to Ambouli, Djibouti.

C0nn3ct B4ck gets us to the world of Cyber Armies, Military Operations, Counter Terrorism activities and Espionage.

The Webcam Exploitation scene, The Confederate

As the book opens there is a scene where we have Vanessa exploiting a target box used by NISA SIGINT operator.

As you read on, you get to know that its already infected with an Implant that she loaded earlier on.

So, she decides to open the webcam but more covertly and stream it over back to her servers without getting caught by her adversaries.

The video below shows why those libraries and the headers are needed when working with COM, ICreateDevEnum, IEnumMoniker, CreateClassEnumerator and dshow.h header.

The video is on beginner levels of the study.