Fold The Wagon / My Second Novel

More of CyberOps novels coming up

Am currently working on the second book, which introduces a new cyber operations series. This book will brush directly on Kenyan elections 2022, and how cyber touches its integrity.

This book has several psychology lessons on the kind of people that we vote in and why it’s important we understand them. Most of them are killers and manipulators and are known to be very good at hiding who they are. They are normally known to use a psychopathic technique named Doubling. By that I mean that on their day jobs, they will manipulate the masses, their co-workers and employees, they will order assassinations, kidnappings for torture and later they will go home to be normal loving fathers and humble husbands. Neighbors can’t notice their fake welcoming laughs, because they will act as those respectable people in their communities, that we know and love. They will even attend church every Sunday and host dinner parties just to double up.

This book might be long because of so many stories and events happening in book one, but there will be several cyber operations from both offensive and defensive theatre. The story is told from one side, in most cases, about this man, Anthony Mburu, who was a former ICT expert and serviceman in the army, and served at Directorate of Military Intelligence, Hurlingham, Nairobi. He loses his entire family during the Westgate terror attack which sets him on to downward spiral of heavy drinking, sometimes losing days and hours. In 2022, he keeps falling off the wagon instead of folding in and staying the course until when a big case comes to the company he works for.

A young woman is murdered and her boyfriend framed. Her devices are taken by the killer but one is left behind accidentally. Though Anthony, who is suffering a condition called Binge drinking, starts to affect the case by sneaking alcohol until when the case starts to affect his fellow investigators and colleagues in the company. Because of the murder of the young lady, (Patricia) the group starts undergoing stilted threats and assassination attempts. This leads them to believe that they are investigating something bigger than they had initially anticipated.

My second book was supposed to be done from Estonia, after my trip there, but getting Visa was almost impossible. Yes, African Black people problems, especially these days due to the Pandemic and War in Europe.

Due to that I have about 37 book ideas to write, from thousands of missions I have ran, getting a writers block will be so hard for me, unlike several Authors out there.

Fold the Wagon, will be released, Fall of 2023 via Kindle and Apple Books unless there is a change from the editors.

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