The Confederate / Alex was too geeky

How Geeky was the first Chapter?

When writing it, i had the story up in my head, just like the way it feels when you have a thousand ideas. Also, just like the way you know what your code is supposed to do and you imagine it before opening the IDE. But in the books industry, the first chapter means everything, cause its the one that engages the reader.

At some point, i wrote the chapter twice, and each time, anyone who read it, felt it was more geeky and that's how the Prologue and Introduction Chapters came about.

The introductory chapter starts in a situation that Vanessa gets into when writing a covert webcam streaming application so that she can surreptitiously collect intelligence on some targets. As you can tell, she is inside the network of certain safe house, that's running covert operations and assignations inside Nairobi.

Am hoping most of the readers have some background on COM, Component Object Model. You will all have fun reading this book.

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