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Don't You Run - an Ark Cyber Novelette


'Don't You Run' paperback cover render, for release this December 2024

I started writing a short story meant to help young women and ladies who could be targeted by predators. The internet has become a hunting ground for these UNSUBs as you could from Serial Killers/Rapists like John Matara and etal. I have done my best to simplify the story, minimizing technical aspects but realistically including basic cybersecurity principles that everyone can understand.

The short story that became a novelette — Don’t You Run will be released by the end of the year, for Christmas Holidays readings.

The Inspiration:

Before John Matara and his crew exploited Airbnb and dating site TTPs, they collaborated with hackers, primarily AFTs, to gain access to Uber driver apps. With this access, they targeted young college girls, subjecting them to assaults and demanding substantial payments from their relatives and family friends. This exploitation persisted from 2021 to late 2022, until acquiring credentials became more challenging. College girls, particularly vulnerable during exams, were engrossed in studying and often overlooked checking license plates. Many of these girls came from affluent families, some of whom chose to conceal these incidents. The novelette "Don't You Run" draws inspiration from these disturbing events, portraying them in a darker context. Its purpose is to raise awareness among young students about the importance of vigilance and maintaining good cyber hygiene, plus crimes against women.


'Don't You Run on Kindle', to be released by November 2024

The Blurb:

Don’t You Run — A Christmas Cyber Story : Paige was a heartbreaker at JKUAT. A year ago, she was raped by several boys from college, including Gideon, her ex-boyfriend at the time. The traumatic experience led to a pregnancy and, ultimately, a miscarriage.
Despite the ordeal, she returned to school, but her father transferred her to a new university, USIU-Africa. Her sudden departure left her friends curious, but she tried to distance herself from them because they had turned their backs on her, especially after the assault. However, her past came back to haunt her when she started receiving frightening messages from a creeper, likely someone from her time at JKUAT.
She totally had avoided everyone from her past life, including her old circles, as if it were a former existence. Then, everything changed on that Saturday night when she attended the end-of-year party.

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