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C0nn3ctB4ck : The OJT


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By the time this blog was uploaded, ‘C0nn3ctB4ck: The OJT’ had reached Epub Version 0.17. We made small updates to certain chapters for clarity. Editing is a continuous process, and writing feels like having homework every night.

As the story unfolds from the SVEST incident in Eastleigh, we witness the events at the embassy where Priscilla realizes they have been disabled by what appears to be Ransomware.


Inside Bole International Airport

Additionally, we are introduced to Gebre after he escapes determined mechanics who shot and killed LT Nyalita. He is on a quest to find his way to Tigray, where an armed conflict is still ongoing.

‘C0nn3ctB4ck: The OJT’ is currently available on Amazon Kindle and will be released in paperback later this month for readers who prefer a physical copy. Chuksjonia

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“Following the directive for on-the-job training (OJT), Richard and Anthony find themselves in Ethiopia, carrying out Operation Angel Wings. Meanwhile, the disappearance of Gebre, codename Chematstone, raises concerns for Brigadier Thuo, who urgently needs him located.

With the presence of a potential traitor within their circle of trust, will Richard and Anthony successfully accomplish their mission's end-state?”