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The current epub cover for C0nn3ctB4ck first two free chapters.

The free chapters from C0nn3ct B4ck were released at KCSFA on Friday, July 7th, 2023, and to the public today, July 9th, 2023. The story unfolds as Brigadier Thuo meets Ambassador Priscilla Kiarie at the Kenyan Embassy in Addis Ababa. This development has sparked various mixed reactions, particularly regarding how Gebre became a penetration agent for the DMI.


This book is dedicated to the Tigrayan children who lost their lives and those whose lives were forever altered by the conflict.

It is also dedicated to our brave brothers at the frontlines fighting in the ongoing conflicts and to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, allowing us to enjoy the freedom that we may not fully comprehend or deserve.

A PDF with Chapter 1 and 2, and an introduction of Chapter three can be downloaded below, with more chapters dropped at Amazon: