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About the Incoming C0nn3ct B4ck Novella

A Lieutenant is pulled from an active counterproliferation mission in DRC, November 2021, for a brush-off operation in Addis Ababa. A Directorate of Military Intelligence asset, plans for that brush up with the Lieutenant at Bole International Airport, Ethiopia.

There is gunfire at the airport and the LT is clipped during that meet. The Asset is on the run back to Tigray.

A Brigadier is surveilled by a foreign counter intelligence operatives as he flies back to Kenya from Ethiopia. An S-Vest goes off in Eastleigh during a Counter Terrorism operation.

An Offensive Cyber Operation is under works.

An entity is ready to deploy destructive cyber tools against a vital Kenyan Diplomatic and Intelligence station.

The trainees on the prepared Operation Oloibon are under CNO training and are led by Captain Eric Mwangangi. The team is codenamed CFOB, Cyber Forward Operations Base, as Operation Oloibon launches from Cyber Moran and CMOF teams. The students are trained by Richard Mbatha from Ark Cyber LTD.


Richard Mbatha is a cyber operations trainer. He is also a former operator at Kenyan Directory of Military Intelligence. He is currently working at Ark Cyber Limited as a Chief Research and Military cyber trainer. Richard gets into a training at one of the DMI garrisons which then becomes an OJT, On the Job Training. This is after a DMI operator is killed at Bole airport, Ethiopia.

For the op to be successful, the students get to learn CNO Tooling for live fire which is discussed and developed in class for the Novella, step by step.


C0nn3ct B4ck will be coming your way, mid 2023 for Amazon kindle readers.